Department of Computer Science and Information Technology

Department of Computer Science and Information Technology

Computer Science and Engineering Department has been running for successfully 25 years and has also been accredited by NBA, New Delhi. Over the past few years, the department has acquired national and international importance. This has been achieved by the collective and responsive effort of the faculty, the supporting staff and the students. The department is well equipped with excellent computing facilities, and has highly qualified faculty specialized in areas like Cryptography and Network Security, Multimedia Communications, Web Technology, Wireless Networking, Data Mining etc..

Courses Offered

Programmes run by the department are,

B.E. Computer Science and Engineering

B.E. Computer Science and Engineering (Cyber Security)

B.Tech. Information Technology

B.Tech. Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)

B.Tech. Computer Science and Business Systems

M.E. Computer Science and Engineering

To generate competent professionals to become part of the industry at the National and International levels.

To motivate the Students for higher studies for continuous improvement.



» To create a congenial learning atmosphere for both students and faculty, enabling them to excel in the field of Computer Science and Engineering.
» To offer good value added course to students for placement purpose.
» To provide job training that supports campus interview.
» To provide motivation, such that the student should come with innovative ideas.
» To provide mini projects among students.
» To motivate internship program.
» To create awareness regarding the professional bodies.
» To create forums for interaction between Students and alumni.
» To invite experts for sharing their knowledge.
» To create a platform to exhibit their projects.

Program Educational Objectives

  • To provide students with a strong foundation in the Mathematical, Scientific and Engineering fundamentals necessary to formulate, solve and analyze engineering problems and to prepare for them for higher learning.
  • To develop an ability to analyze the requirements of the software, understand the technical specifications, design and provide novel engineering solutions and efficient product designs to meet the requirements of Indian and Multinational companies.

Program Outcomes

  • An ability to apply the knowledge of Mathematics, Science and Engineering.
  • An ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data.
  • An ability to design a system, component or process to meet desired need with in realistic constrains such as economics, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability and sustainability.
  • An ability to function with multidisciplinary teams.
  • An ability to identify, formulate and solve engineering problems.
  • An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.
  • An ability to communicate effectively.
  • The broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economical0, environmental and societal context.
  • A recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning.
  • A knowledge of contemporary issues.
  • An ability to use the techniques, skills and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.


Our Department provides a high quality learning environment, in terms of inspiring teachers, State-of-the-art facilities, sharing experience, widening the knowledge horizon, interacting with experts from academic and industry and facilitating the student in the process of growth in the computer field. The Department aims to inculcate profound knowledge and skill in the areas of Computer Hardware and Software Developments.

Anna University 2017 Regulation Lesson Plan

Courses Lesson plan link
B.E. Computer Science and Engineering Click here
M.E. Computer Science and Engineering


S.No Faculty Name Designation
3. Mrs.K.R.SARADHA Assistant Professor
4. Mrs.R.DEVI Assistant Professor
5. Ms.S. SOWMATHI Assistant Professor
6. Mr.RAJESH K Assistant Professor
7. Mrs.CHITRALEKHA Assistant Professor
8. Mr.VENKET BABU Assistant Professor
9. Mr.BALAMURUGAN Assistant Professor
10. Mr.PRABU M Assistant Professor
11. Mrs.SUGAPRIYA Assistant Professor
12. Mrs.MALATHI Assistant Professor
13. Mrs.SARANYA Assistant Professor
14. Mr.PRADEEP KUMAR Assistant Professor
15. Mrs.KARTHIKA Assistant Professor
16. Mr.R.BALASUBRAMANIYAN Assistant Professor
17. Mr.M.MUNIYAPPAN Assistant Professor
18. Mr.RAJKAMAL Assistant Professor
19. Mrs.SRILALITHA Assistant Professor
20. Ms.BINUSHA Assistant Professor
21. Mrs.ANNA SUGANTHI Assistant Professor
22. Mr.RAJESH KUMAR P Assistant Professor
23. Ms. DASARATHI SHOHI K Assistant Professor
24. Mr.SATHISH Assistant Professor
25. Mr.WILFRED Assistant Professor


We have excellent lab facilities. Students are always given the best opportunities for independent thinking, which will help them in utilizing their potential creativity. The Department has in total 5 Hi-tech Laboratories housing Computers on Intel’s latest Core i3 Processor with 4 GB RAM. The client machines are connected to various servers from IBM, Acer, Dell & HP powered by Intel’s latest Xeon Processor. Some of the other facilities available are internet through a 45 Mbps leased line from Aircel and industry-standard licensed software.

It has also been creating opportunities for pursuing postgraduate programmes in reputed Indian and foreign universities. The Department library has a collection of 500 books on various titles catering to the needs of staff and students. The Computer Science & Engineering department has five full-fledged Computer Labs and the facilities include:

  • CSE Lab 1
  • CSE Lab 2
  • ME CSE Lab
  • GMM Lab
  • Internet Lab
  • Sun Solaris Lab
  • Language Lab


Lab Name No. of Servers No. of Client Machines UPS Laser Printer
CSE Lab I – Data Structures Lab 1 62 1 1
CSE Lab II – Graphics Lab 1 36 1 1
GMM Lab – DBMS Lab 2 80 2 1
CSE Lab IV – Computer Programming Lab 2 60 1 1
M.E Lab – Case Tools Lab 2 30 1 1
Internet Lab 13 1
Language Lab 1 60 1
Total 9 341 8 5

Laboratories Photos

Internship Partners

Internship List

Year Internship / In-plant Training
2016 – 17 120
2017 – 18 155
2018 – 19 153
2019 – 20 70
2020 – 21 45
Total 9

Student Academic Activities

  •  CSI Student Chapter
  •  Short Term Project work for UG/PG students SSIET
  •  NPTEL Courses for CSE SSIET students
  •  IPT/ Internship training for SSIET students
  •  Joint submission of R & D proposal to funding agency.
  •  CRP training for SSIET students
  • MOU with ICTACT to establish Centre of Excellence “Big Data analytics and Data Science”
  •  Funding consultancy services to various organizations.
  •  Produces more University Ranks.
  •  Local Infrastructure provider for Government Exams.
  •  Community Services.

Training: Value Additions and Audit Courses

Apart from academic curriculum, students are encouraged to work on practical sessions which include programming knowledge on platforms like

III Semester Python programming with data structures IV Semester C# AND .NET
V Semester Big data VI Semester Soft skill training
VII Semester Cloud services VIII Semester Data science

Virtual courses Recommended

III Semester NPTEL – Electronic Devices IV Semester NPTEL – Advanced Java programming
V Semester NPTEL – Data mining VI Semester NPTEL – Modern application development
VII Semester NPTEL – Machine learning VIII Semester NPTEL – Internet of Things


Faculty involvement in research:

Research Projects:      Projects are being implemented by the department, funded by the management.

Research Articles:

Year National / International Level Journal
2017 – 2018 7
2018 – 2019 8
2019 – 2020 8
2020 – 2021 6

Student ‘Project Sponsored by Trust: Academic Year Title NAME OF FACULTY FUNDED & SUPPORTED BY AMOUNT(Rs)
1 2017-2018 Women safety Application Mrs.Gayathri AMK JambulingA Mudaliyar Trust 40,000
2 2017-2018 Data driven analytics using workload automation Mrs.Shunmuga Sundari AMK JambulingA Mudaliyar Trust 40,000
3 2018 – 2019 Home Automation Systems with speech Recognition Mr.J.N. Rajesh Kumar AMK JambulingA Mudaliyar Trust 40,000
4 2018 – 2019 Automated Online Exam for Visually Impaired Mr.J.N. Rajesh Kumar AMK JambulingA Mudaliyar Trust 25,000
5 2019-2020 Garudan Mr.J.N.Rajesh Kumar AMK JambulingA Mudaliyar Trust 40,000
6 2019-2020 Human character and Emotion analysis using mobile app Mr.R.PremKumar AMK JambulingA Mudaliyar Trust 25,000
7 2019-2020 Sharingan Mrs.K.R.Saradha AMK JambulingA Mudaliyar Trust 35,000
8 Barcode Reader in voice for blind people Mrs.R.Devi AMK JambulingA Mudaliyar Trust 25,000


Year Number of Students placed
2015 – 2016 76
2016 – 2017 49
2017 – 2018 23
2018 – 2019 47
2019 – 2020 52



“Data Driven Analytics using Workload Automation” presented for SMART INDIA HACKATHON, Pune, 2017


DARVENGER – Digitally Advanced Rescue Vehicle with free energy generator, ICISCA, Malaysia 2015.


Detecting Obstacle And Automatic Path finding ROBOT”-CSE students, IIT Madras,2016


UV-C Automated cleaner, PALS IIT Madras – 2018


“Automated Online Exam For Visually Impaired “-2019




12th RANK



32nd RANK



33rd RANK



45th Rank

Star Alumni


Student Testimonials

My Journey @ Sastha

My Journey at Sastha was very important part of my life and it made me who i am today. I come from a small village called Rayampuram from Ariyalur district to study in sastha without knowing whats coming next. I was just a failure and clueless student with arrears in my first year at sastha. My CSE Department faculties are one of the best in collage in terms of knowledge and student relationship. They saw me struggling and shown me the way to come out with flying colors.

With a help of my Department faculty, i cleared my arrears and become a average student in my 2nd year. My collage life was changed after i met my CSE department assistant HOD. He taught me everything from self-discipline to become a good discipies to all my faculties. He was my Guru and inspiration like how he used to be for many students across various department.

Sastha is not only a educational institute but it make their students to learn to approach this complex society with love and passion. My CSE department was such one kind, teaching every student to approach their personal and study life in right way.

With every facilities & high-tech technologies, our faculties taught us every subject with practical & theoretical methods.

I received tremendous encouragement my from CSE department to participate in inter-collage culturals and sports event every year.

Every year our collage will arrange the placement training for final year student to learn to approach campus interview. My batch received one of the best training from both practical & theoretical methods which helped me to succeed in campus interview. Best MNC companies across india came to our collage and conducted on-campus interview in best possible ways.

In my final year, nearly 80 percenatage of every eligible candidates across all the department are got placement in best MNC. With all the assiatances from my collage & CSE department, i was successfully placed in Servion Global Solution. It was all possible only because my collage saw every students as their family.

One of my emotional & sweetest moment in sastha was when my name was annonched in the final selected candidates in on-campus interview, Our Guru and inspiration of CSE Department HOD was having a big smile on his face. It was evident that more than selected candidates he was happy and emotional which shows our collage sees every student as their own children.

Thanks for giving this opportunity to share my journey at Sastha. Sastha is my second home and their faculties are my GURU.

Balaji Manoharan,
Senior Software Engineer ,
Servion Global Solution .

Hello everyone, Greetings for the day! It is a great pleasure to share my journey in Saastha Institute Of Engineering And Technology. I joined Saastha in 2015 with a lot of expectations and dreams as a fresher to B.E CSE. I was new to computer science since I am from bio-Math background. There was also a bit a fear while I try to choose computer but here In the college moving on I enjoyed coding and computer applications practical more than anything from year one, it’s all because of the faculties who are eager to teach and clear even my very single doubt. We are fortune to have them, they are never tired to motivate and test us until we shine. In the year two, the college allowed us to go for Internships and Symposiums to excel our skills and they helped us to boost our career higher. In the year three, I did a project at IIT Madras with my friends and that was a very great opportunity to get exposed to the outer world of science and application. The teachers motivated us more than we do and it was a success which added a FEATHER TO OUR CROWN which made us stand unique from the crowd. In the last year of studies, we had freedom of thinking and choosing our own project which we try to develop with our talents and I see this as a great chance to bring up each one mind and ability to excel. Saastha never fails to train us day by day we also have attended the Intra-campus training during the semester holidays which helped us to spend our time usefully and joyfully with friends. Industrial visits to NARL, Syntel and Kerala are great memories to cherish for a lifetime. I feel there is a balance between studies and personal life very well at Saastha. The talent transformation trainings which we have weekly helped me to be here where I am till date. I was able to get placed in a TOP MNC before I complete my final exams and it gave me a lot of confidence and happiness to pursue my dream job. The entire staffs and HODs were very friendly and always approachable during any time to clarify our questions. While sharing my journey I feel really gifted and blessed to be a student of Saastha Institute Of Engineering And Technology where my dreams were fulfilled.

Blessie Priya J
Project Engineer
Wipro Technologies and Limited

College days are the most wonderful days in my life. Sree Sastha Institute of engineering and technology, our College played a main role in my life. This is the place where I have started understanding about my career and the steps to be taken to achieve success in my life. Here b have got friendly teachers who understands our us and always motivates us to do something big in the life. Form the first year of college we were given chances to improve our extra curricular skills. We were asked to take seminars to improve our presentation skills. And we have been included in various events and functions to understand about team work and improve our skills in managing things. We were also encouraged for taking part in various competitions held inside and outside the college. In second year I had got an chance to participate in national level event in Sastra University(Tanjore) with few of my college mates, where I have learnt a lot of things especially about competitive skills and team work. Every year we were asked to attend internship in different companies have industrial exposure and understand the work culture in companies. In the same year we also had CRP(Campus Reaidential Program) jn which we were asked to stay in college hostel for an week and had various training including yoga, programming classes and soft skills. Also we have been taken to industrial visit to BSNL(Marai Malai nagar). In my pre-final year I had givena chance to take part in 5th IEI Tamilnadu state centre student’s & technicians convention & national seminar for paper presentation. We have been given training on the trending programming language python from the top training institute called top freshers. Apart from studies our institute is also concerned about our soft skills which is very important in industry perspective, so they arranged for soft skill class for us. Our institute is very much concerned about our future, so in order to make sure that we are placed in companies our placement team arranged for various training session to help us in cracking the interviews. And also we had on and off campus placements. Our professors always give positivity and encourage us to take various courses to improve our skills like NPTEL courses. In addition to it we had many guest lectures and lots of motivation from our professor. Every success should get proper appreciation, which is followed by our institute. That is every year the toppers in both studies, sports and extra curricular activities are given proper recognition in the college day. Not only personal development, our college management also teaches us about our social responsibilities. And every year our college arranges for blood donation camp, in that nobal act we are asked to take part and donate blood. So, during the journey of four years in our college I have learnt about various aspects of life which had a major impact in not only my career but also in my personal life.

2019 Batch
Software Engineer, TCS

I am Koyel Bhattacharyya, a former student of Sree Sastha Institute of Engineering and Technology. I am a B.E Computer Science, 2017 passed out graduate. I always feel overwhelmed and proud to describe about my prestigious college. In the 4 years of my college journey, this institute has provided me many good opportunities, good faculties, a better infrastructure equipped with enhanced labs and library, a good and serene environment for a student, a safe residing separate hostel for boys and girls with proper Wi-Fi facility, a clean and hygienic canteen and much more.
The faculties of this institution are extremely hardworking, friendly, and dedicated towards their students. The institution has conducted multiple Campus Training Programme, Placement Training Programmes and has conducted several Campus Placements of well-known companies which has provided placement to many established candidates.
Apart from providing good placement, this institution is also responsible for inculcating a seed of good knowledge and manners in students. I am highly obliged to my institution and faculties who guided me so well that today I can also proudly say that I am in a good and established position in one of the big multinational company.

Koyel Bhattacharyya
Senior Business Analyst, MSC Technology Pvt Ltd

My Journey with Sree Saastha
It all began in 2014, when I had joined Saastha to pursue my engineering where I have spent a whole 4 years of my life. College is a place where one’s school life is bridged with the professional life. Saastha welcomed me with warm gesture to help me build my own career. I had chose to be with computers for the rest of my life & CSE department has guided me with the goals I had in mind. With the proper guidance from the professors I had gained theoretical knowledge & well equipped labs helped me to work out things practically. Saastha has given me opportunity to build soft skills through its Campus Residential Programme and ensured that am ready to crack interviews. Saastha has took great initiatives to build a career for its students by enrolling us into various Employability tests like AMCAT, CoCubes etc. I was one of the students who was benefitted by this initiative. I had good scores in my AMCAT tests through which I got into various interviews and I have landed into one of the top MNC – Mindtree Ltd. with a good salary package. I am very thankful to the management and professors of the department who had constantly guided me to build my career.

Naveen B
B.E. CSE (2014 – 18)

Academics Beyond the classroom


Our students team headed by Mr.Siva Priyan, demonstrating “Digitally Advanced Rescue Vehicle with Free-Energy Generator Robot” in an International Conference for Scientists held in Everly Hotel, Malaysia

top engineering college

The next phase of development is the Internet of things, when  anything will be connected and managed in the virtual world.  Faculty members are given a broad idea on the platform.

Student Stories


Smart India Hackathon 2018

The project of CSE students got selected by Smart India Hackathon 2018 and they exhibited their project in National Chemical Laboratory, Pune during the month of March, 2018



CSE students submitted a project under the theme of “Sustaining our fragile environment by applying engineering and technology” in IIT Madras, PALS and selected as a finalist team and won a cash prize of Rs.5000



Students of Computer Science and Engineering participated in PALS INNOWAH 2018 and enriched their knowledge



Students of Computer Science and Engineering visited SYNTEL, Siruseri on 27 september 2017 and had an exposure on current technologies.



Students of Computer Science and
Engineering visited National Atmospheric
Research Laboratory, an autonomous
research laboratory fully funded by the
Department of Space, Government of
India and involved in carrying out
fundamental and applied research in
Atmospheric and Space Sciences.



Students and faculty members obtained NPTEL Certification in various domains which will be helpful for the students to enrich their knowledge apart from the regular curriculum.

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