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Dr. AMK. Jambulingam was a man who started from the scratch business and has accomplished extraordinary things and brought great pride to his parents. He was born on 29/01/1930 to Mr.A.M.KanniappaMudialar and Mrs.Aburoobammal in Kavalam Bazar village near Arcot. He has four sisters. He married Ms. Balagujalambalon 09/09/1954 at his 24th age. True to the saying that every successful man has a woman behind,his wife was behind him to accomplish all his achievements. The religious faith of his wife brought what we see now.

Initial Stage

In 1944, he joined as an ordinary worker in a velloremandi with Rs.15 as salary. Thereafter, he started his own mandi selling groceries, chilly, etc. As a result of his hard work, he started Vellore Roller Flour Millsin 1977, Vellore Shoe Fabrik in 1984. He became as a business magnet by exporting his products.

He experienced a lot of difficulties during his education. He was unable to get proper education due to poverty and lack of guidance. Those days were disturbing his mind. He decided to help the poor and needy to get quality education with low cost. As a result, he started Sree Sastha Institute of Engineering and Technology in 1999. That single seed of good thought is grown like a banyan tree spreading its branches in Engineering, Technology, Architecture, Management Studies, Nursing, Polytechnic, Education and School.

He has also gained the name of Industrialist, Educationalist, Liberal donator and a kind hearted man. Above all, He was very pious and a religious man. From his childhood, he was a devotee of Shree Ganesh. He was so passionate towards Lord Ganesh and established temples in all his industries and institutions. He had never begun a day without praying to Him in his entire life. He was also a devotee of Lord Murugan and from his 16thage to till the end he took yearly covenant to Him. Several times he went to Kasi, Rishikesh, Kedarnath, Badrinath and Amarnath for pilgrimage.

In addition to that he also did financial help to the poor and offered free education to the economically poor students. Anyone who went to him for help never returned empty. For many years, he had been providing free breakfast to the aged home called Vallalar Illam. He gave employment to thousands and eradicated poverty in their lives. As the recognition for his service to the students and to economically backward public, he was awarded honorable doctorate from Colombo-Malaysian University in 2007.

He led a simple life and continued his daily official work till the end. On 27th September 2015, he mingled with the soul of Almighty. Many sought for his advice and followed his devotional life every day. On the whole, he was a rare role model personality. No words are adequate to tell about him. We praise, appreciate and follow your footsteps lifelong.

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